The Coach House is not handicapped accessible. You may be sharing the common areas and 3 bathrooms/showers with fellow travelers unless you book the entire place. Tell us if you intend to bring groceries and cook [we provide dishes, coffee cups & mason jars, pots n pans, you do them dishes but we have a machine!] or if you want us to cook, $15 per person per meal for basic grub.We can discuss lobster and filet mignon. Call 310-621-0663

NO TV, stereo, electronic noise of any kind. If you're a slave to your phone, the wifi is NOT for watching movies or playing xbox.
We have 6 bedrooms with 1 double bed each, 2 adults per room [and a couple kids or book another room for privacy], and limited camping in the covered wagon [no campers, trailers, huge party tents, bonfires, groups of more than 4 unless it's you and the kids, no laundry hanging or ATVs,  no parties, no entourage of "close" friends, you get the picture.]

The Covered wagon is available for camping but it is RUSTIC. 2 adults and maybe a couple kids will fit. NO open flames near  the wagon. I will set up a campfire and NO bonfires again. You buy the wagon if you burn it down, $1,500.00 cash. or card. Bathrooms available in the Coach House only if guests haven't paid extra for a private bathroom. NO SHOWERS. There is a big forest all around so make like a bear in the woods. NO BEARS HERE. No heat, no power in the covered wagon. The pioneers managed, so can you.