The covered wagon arrived on its journey from Ken-tuck-ee and is now available for camping and BBQ cookouts! We have a new canvas for the top and can outfit it to sleep 2 adults, preferably families with a couple kids in tow or as a chuckwagon for the BBQ. It might be a tad cramped as it's ten foot long and four foot wide.

Bug nets will be available and bring your own bedrolls or sleep outside by the campfire.

NO open flames near the wagon, we will set up a campfire, NO bonfires. No heat in wagon, no space heaters, no power. The pioneers did it, so can you.

$55 a night,  two adults maximum [or if you have a couple three kids no extra charge!]. A BBQ is $30 per person, $120 for up to four and includes meats [depends upon what the hunters bring in], veggies, taters and all the spring water you can drink. Or bring your own grub [within reason, no giant coolers full of enough to feed an army, just four people of average size]. No parties, no drunken rowdiness, no extra guests, no extra tents, no RVs, campers, you're not moving in for the season! Please NO PETS. Kids MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian. NO bonfires, no parties, no non-paying "friends" who show up or you will be told to leave, no refunds. [See posted signs for State law concerning agritourism businesses]