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Plenty of beds goldilocks

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Set in the forest of the Zaleski and Waterloo State Parks the Coach House bed & breakfast offers every modern amenity except for NO TV, NO electronic noise, no interruptions. Return to a more leisurely paced time. Find us on Airbnb near Athens, Ohio places to stay, book here or call 740-664-1653.

Open floor plan, living room, kitchen, dining space and foyer, 2 bathrooms with showers, wrap-around deck and Miss Piggy the pot-bellied guard pig.

​​​There are 2 rooms to choose, The Andrew Jackson Room, The Thomas Jefferson Room, and camping in covered wagon.

Cook with your own vittles or have us play chef and whip up some grub. BBQ, pots of chili or stew, even vegan if you insist. Stick to your ribs food served the original frontier style, delicious.

Sit, relax, converse